Yep! Following many requests by customers we’ve finally produced some cask beer. We purposefully hadn’t produced any cask beer for three reasons: 1) we didn’t have the production space to make kegs, cans AND casks. 2) we didn’t have the financial muscle to set up a new brewery and invest in a lot of casks that we didn’t have the resources to manage logistically. 3) And this one maybe needs explaining… we didn’t really drink a lot of cask beer (at the time we set up the brewery).

It’s hard to say why really, but since moving back to Manchester I’ve drunk more cask beer than I ever have. Living in London is no excuse either, as places like The Southampton Arms, The Hope, The Cock TavernDuke’s Head Highgate, the Craft Beer Co.’s and an abundance of others were known for serving cask beer beautifully. It quite simply wasn’t on my radar and I’ve no real reason why… luckily, having the Smithfeild Tavern, The Marble Arch, The Brink and Café Beermoth as our locals, I’ve managed to catch up on what I’ve missed out on.

We also had some great fun brewing our recent collaboration brew, Vermontalifonia (a 6.6% abv DDH West/East Coast IPA hybrid) with Rivington Brewery who produce amazing cask beer (as well as other formats). This, combined with drinking more cask and the fact we were given the opportunity to trial some casks by the good people at Kegstar, meant we could finally give it the attention it deserves.


As such, we’ve designed a brand new beer especially for cask. Azacca Extra Pale is a 4.4% abv single hopped extra pale ale using Azacca hops (if you couldn’t have guessed). We used extra pale Maris Otter, light Munich and dextrin malt with English yeast to give the beer body whilst the Azacca hops give a citrus and lightly tropical flavour with a balanced bitterness. We’re very happy with how it tastes in tank and can’t wait to see how it develops in cask.


We will be releasing Azacca Extra Pale next week and it can be found at The Pilcrow, The Smithfield Tavern, The Brink, Wine & Whallop, Reasons to be Cheerful, Trackside as well as distribution to London/South East, the West Midlands and the North East.

If you would like to order Azacca Extra Pale or get more information on distributors then please contact us at

Thanks for reading,


Paul Greetham
Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co.