It's been a while since my last confession; or 2 months and 3 weeks to be exact. Although we've not exactly sinned we've definitely had our ups and and not so ups. We've been working tirelessly to make great beer whilst learning as much as possible about our brew kit and processes. We needed to make adjustments to our beer to make it suitable for canning; this was through a combination of local support from our colleagues at other breweries and through trial-and-error. After an initial frustrating experience, we've found a canning partner that are hitting very high standards in quality control. We're lucky that people have been very receptive to our beers and that local, regional and national distributors have been able to get our beers into people's hands. 

The demand for our 440ml cans has taken us by surprise; our beers can now be found in almost every region of England as well as North Ireland and Scotland. When we first took delivery of our brew kit we thought it was huge. Now, we wish we had gone bigger from the start as we're brewing to capacity to try and meet demand. In order for our beer to reach more people, we have ordered new tanks which will increase our production by 50%. These will arrive before Christmas and will be operational in the new year. it's always daunting to grow by such levels, but we're ready for the challenge and think it'll be worth it. 

As well as increasing production and amending processes to increase the quality of our beer, we are also investing in a cold store. This will allow us to keep our beer as fresh as possible before we pass it over to retailers. Due to demand and our small production volumes, packaged beer was in the brewery for only a short time but as we're increasing production we thought it prudent to get this important piece of the jigsaw in place. 

As we're installing a cold store and adding more tanks, this means that space in the brewery is at a premium - or to put it more accurately, non-existent. We have, therefore, taken the decision to close the taproom permanently. There quite simply isn't the space or the time to make the taproom sustainable. We need the space to make beer which can stretch over the weekend and, with the cold store and tanks, there isn't the space to make the taproom the kind of place we want it to be. We've a lot of locals and people that come to the area especially for the taproom on weekends, so apologies to all but we simply can't make it work anymore. A huge thank you to those that came to the source to try our beer but, with increased local distribution, it shouldn't be too hard to find at other (more spacious!) pubs, bars and retailers.  


We were also approached by the good people at Electrik Bar in Chorlton to host our first exhibition featuring the amazing can illustrations by the very talented Marcus Marritt. This showcased both the artwork and can mock-ups and will be available to see and buy throughout October. We also launched two new beers at the opening night: Generation IPA (a 6.5% IPA with Mosaic, Simcoe & Ekuanot Hops) and Beat Café (a 6% Coffee Stout with Cold Brew Coffee). They have just been sent to distributors, so they will be available to buy soon.

Generation IPA artwork for the exhibition, 'When Did Beer Become So Beautiful?'

Generation IPA artwork for the exhibition, 'When Did Beer Become So Beautiful?'

Beat Café artwork for the exhibition, 'When Did Beer Become So Beautiful?'

Beat Café artwork for the exhibition, 'When Did Beer Become So Beautiful?'

We will endeavour to write here every couple of weeks in future with updates as well as insights into new beers and events.

Cheers for reading,


Paul Greetham | Founder & Brewer | Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co.